The association LEISURE OASIS Olbersdorfer Lake Association was founded on 23.01.2001.
Board of this association are the following persons:

Association Chairman: Roy Steffen
Deputy and Treasurer: Thomas Hauser
Deputy and spokesman Ralph Grohmann

The purpose of our club is the tourist promotion and marketing of the area on Olbersdorfer lake.

The purpose will be achieved in particular by:

  • The interaction of all on and around the lake Olbersdorfer economically active enterprises in the tourist development of this area in the broadest sense,
  • Protection of landscape and nature, 
  • Support other clubs in the conservation and protection of nature, 
  • Submission of proposals and participation in the design of transport links and encourage all other tourism-serving activities, 
  • Tourism Marketing for the region 
  • Regional and national presentations, 
  • Cooperation with the Saxony regional tourism associations in the country and federation with other associations, 
  • Organization of information and experiences, 
  • Operation of tourism facilities and establishments serving in and around the lake Olbersdorfer